2019 Summer Irish Dance Session Registration


Information & Registration

Classes held at the Foley Academy Dance Studio: 11260 Roger Bacon Dr., Suite 102, Reston, VA
6 Week Session: JULY 8, 2018 – AUGUST 15, 2018
Children ages 5-17
Adult Ceili ages 18+
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If you have Irish Dance experience, please contact shannon@foleyirishdance.com to register into the correct class level.

Summer Class Packages:

Foley Academy understands that during the Summer, families have planned vacations and other activities for their children. Therefore, our Summer Class Packages are designed to give you the flexibility to pick and choose the classes that best suit your Summer schedule. You can select a package of either 4, 6, 8, 10,12, or 16 classes and then,  over the course of the 6 weeks, pick the classes that you or your child will attend. For example, if you purchase a package of 4 classes for your child, then you can pick any 4 classes (based on level) for your child – these classes could be once per week, twice per week, or spread out over different days throughout the six weeks. It is entirely up to you!

After you complete your registration (form at the bottom of this page), you will be able to access our Summer Class Calendar to sign-up for the number of classes in the package you purchased.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact shannon@foleyirishdance.com


Weekly Class Schedule: July 8 – August 15

2019 Summer Weekly Schedule

Package Pricing:

Summer Package Pricing

Family Discount Program:

If you are looking to register more than one child or family member, please email shannon@foleyirishdance.com to receive information regarding our discount program and pricing.

Summer Irish Dance Class FAQs:
  • What is Irish Dancing?   Irish Dancing is a style of dance that originated in Ireland. Dancers perform steps individually (step dancing) or in a group (Ceili dancing). Irish Step Dancing is characterized by a stiff upper body and quick and precise movements of the feet. Ceili Dancing is a form of folk and social dancing in Ireland that is focused on footwork and the dancers’ interaction with their partners using their arms and hands. Traditional Irish music played on a variety of instruments accompanies both Irish Step and Ceili Dancing. Instruments include the accordion, piano, fiddle, flute, or banjo. Irish Dancing is a fun, exciting, and challenging activity for both children and adults. By taking Irish Dancing lessons, dancers build confidence, set goals for growth and success, develop teamwork and communication skills, benefit from both a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle, meet new people, and make new friends.
  • How do I register for the Summer Classes?  For online registration, continue to bottom of page. Or email shannon@foleyirishdance.com
  • Who is the Teacher?   Shannon Foley – read her bio on the Owner/Director page.
  • Who can register for the session?   Boys & Girls, Men & Ladies; Children: ages 5-17; Adults: ages 18+; You don’t have to be Irish! No dance experience necessary!
  • What will Beginner I dancers learn during the Summer Classes?  At a minimum, dancers will learn:
    • The traditional and basic form and movements of Irish Dancing, for both individual and Ceili dances
    • The proper foot placement, technique, and carriage to dance steps to traditional Irish music in the traditional style
    • Beginner Movements, including Hop 1,2,3; Sidestep; Points
    • One Beginner Reel
  • What should I wear to class?   Please see the recommendations provided on our Class Attire page. For the these classes, dancers do NOT need to purchase Irish Dance shoes. You may wear comfortable sneakers or tennis shoes, or you may dance in non-slip socks if it is more comfortable for you. If you own Irish Dance shoes or dance sneakers, please wear these to class.
  • Can I bring food to class?   A light snack, such as a granola bar or fruit, is acceptable, but the Foley Academy strongly encourage all dancers to be properly fed before coming to class. Please bring a water bottle or non-sugary drink to class to stay hydrated. Foley Academy will not provide food or drinks to dancers.
  • What is the last day to register for Summer classes?  Registration will remain open.
  • Is there a minimum required age to register?  Yes, the minimum dancer age is 5 years old. If you are interested in classes for a dancer age 3 or 4, email shannon@foleyirishdance.com to inquire about our Tir na nOg class for tots.
  • Is there a maximum age for dancers?   There is no maximum age limit, however dancers should ensure that they are in proper physical condition to participate in the dance sessions.
  • What is NOT included with the class fee?   The Class fee does NOT include: any food or drink that the dancer may require during the lesson; clothing, which includes shirts, shorts, pants, etc., that the dancer will need for the lesson; shoes/footwear, which include sneakers, tennis shoes, socks, Irish Dance shoes, dance sneakers, ballet slippers, etc.; transportation and/or travel fees.
  • Are parents allowed to observe the classes?   Parents are allowed to sit in to watch upon teacher’s discretion.
  • Who should contact if I have any other questions?   shannon@foleyirishdance.com

2019 Summer Irish Dance Registration for New Dancers:

Submission Instructions:


By clicking “Complete Registration” you certify that you are 18 or older and are aware of the Foley Academy Privacy Policy.

1. Click the “Complete Registration” button. The page will redirect for you to make your payment using PayPal or your credit card. THIS MAY TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO PROCESS. Please be patient. Do not navigate away from this page or click the “back” button.

2. Submit your payment. Once payment is finished processing, the system will automatically redirect you to a confirmation page. PAYMENT MAY TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO PROCESS. Please be patient. Do not navigate away to another page/website or click the “back” button. Registration is not complete until your payment is processed and you are taken to the “Registration Confirmed” page.

3. Save or print registration confirmation page. This is your proof of registration.

4. Download the Foley Academy Handbook and complete the Handbook Acknowledgement Form (located at the end).

5. Complete or update the Dancer Information Form, if you have not already submitted the form or updated the previous year’s information.

6. Bring the Handbook Acknowledgement Form and Dancer Information Form to the first class.

Thank you!