How to Order Boys Vest Costume

1. What is the Foley Academy Vest Costume for Boys?

The costume for boys is the Foley Academy Vest, black button-down shirt, black dress trousers, and gold tie.

2. When does a dancer wear the Foley Academy Boys Vest Costume?

The Foley Academy Vest Costume will be worn for performances, recitals, and competitions.

3. Is the Foley Academy Boys Vest Costume Mandatory?

The Foley Academy Boys Vest Costume is not mandatory for performance and recitals, but may be worn if the dancer chooses to wear it. Other costume options include the Boys Casual Costume or Formal Costume.

The Foley Academy Boys Vest Costume can be worn by dancers in the Novice or Prizewinner level. The vest is not mandatory for Novice and Prizewinner competition dancers, but if the dancer decides to not wear the vest, he must wear the Foley Academy Formal Costume. When a dancer reaches Prelim in all dances, he may begin wearing a solo costume.

4. How much does the Foley Academy Boys Vest Costume cost?

Vest: $150

Black button-down shirt, dress trousers, and tie will vary depending on the place from which you decide to purchase these items.

5. When can I order the Foley Academy Boys Vest Costume?

The Vest must be ordered during our group order timeframe. The next group order is scheduled for July 2020.

The shirt, trousers, and tie can be ordered at any time.

6. How do I order?


To order the vest, use the form via the Prime Designs website. Give yourself about 1 hour to do measurements and pictures.

If you dancer already has a black button-down shirt and dress trousers, he may use what he has. If not, here are suggestions:



Regarding the pants, make sure that your dancer is comfortable dancing in the pants and that he can move adequately.

Tie: Jacob Alexander Boy’s Regular Self Tie Prep Solid Color Necktie in Gold (NOT bright gold):