Foley Academy Mission & Philosophy

The Foley Academy of Irish Dance cultivates a fun, friendly, healthy, and interactive environment to provide instruction in Traditional Irish Step Dancing and Irish Ceili Dancing. We are committed to promoting and preserving Irish culture, and strive to help all our dancers reach their highest potential. Our mission is to enrich our students’ lives with an emphasis in the customary and historical Irish Dance technique and style. At the same time, we encourage innovation, creativity, and originality so that students understand the artistry and evolution of Irish Dance.

Irish Dancing is a fun, exciting, and challenging activity for both children and adults. Dancers who take Irish Dance lessons can benefit from both a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. The Foley Academy ensures that all of its dancers thoroughly enjoy their classes. We establish an environment where everyone feels welcome and eager to learn.  The Foley Academy is committed 100% to helping our dancers reach their goals, whether they are for performance or competition. We are by your side for every step along your journey!

At the Foley Academy, dancers learn the traditional and basic form and movements of Irish Dancing. This is for both individual (solo) and team (Ceili) routines. Dancers learn the proper foot placement, technique, and carriage to dance steps to traditional Irish music in the traditional style. Also, dancers learn how to interact with other dancers for Ceili dances. This helps them enjoy the dances in a fun and productive manner.

In addition to in-class lessons and experiences, we encourage our dancers to participate in both performance and competitive opportunities. This helps them build confidence, strength, and overall dance proficiency. In addition, they are able to develop teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. We foster a positive, encouraging, and inspiring atmosphere where dancers set goals, experience growth and success, build long-lasting friendships, and learn lessons that they can take with them into their lives outside of dance.

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