Class Attire & Dancing Supplies

The Foley Academy provides recommendations regarding class attire and supplies to help ensure the safety, comfort, and performance of all dancers.

What to wear to class:Irish Dance Ghillies

Dancers will arrive for class in appropriate attire, ready to begin dancing.

Dancers will wear athletic clothing to every class. Attire can include:

  • Mid-thigh length shorts or skort
  • Yoga Capris
  • Yoga Pants
  • Cotton t-shirts or exercise shirts
  • Sweatpants as long as they are not baggy or too long
  • Sweatshirts or zip-up sweaters

Dance shoes should be worn to every class. Shoes include:

  • Ghillies (soft shoes)
  • Hard Shoes
  • Dance sneakers
  • Ballet slippers or Jazz shoes for beginners

Dancers’ hair should be pulled back in a ponytail and kept out of the face.

Dancers are not permitted to wear:

  • Spaghetti-strap tank tops
  • Sleeveless or strapless shirts or dresses
  • Jeans or restrictive pants
  • Long skirts or dresses
  • Sweatpants that are too long or baggy
  • Shorts that are too short or inappropriate for the environment
  • Formal clothing
  • Any clothing that is transparent or see-through
  • Crop-tops

Where to purchase dance supplies:

Dancers can purchase Irish Dance shoes, socks, and accessories from the vendors listed below:

Fees associated with dance supplies, performances, competitions, costumes, recitals, travel, etc. are NOT included in the registration fee or tuition, and are not the responsibility of the Foley Academy of Irish Dance or the Director/Owner. Dancers/parents are responsible for the following:

  • Dance Shoes, soft shoes and hard shoes, socks, and any other equipment related to the shoes (tape, laces, polish, repairs, etc.)
  • Practice Attire: athletic shirts, shorts, leggings, pants, etc.
  • Foley Academy Team/Spirit Wear
  • Foley Academy Costumes
  • Solo Costumes
  • Costume Accessories: wigs, hairpieces, make-up, jewelry, etc.
  • Recital Costumes (based on class)
  • Performance-related fees, which could relate to travel, costumes, make-up, hair, accessories, etc.
  • Competition-related fees, which could include registration fees, travel, lodging, food, etc.
  • Expenses related to Foley Academy events, unless specified otherwise