Academy Events

We have many exciting events planned for our 2019-2020 dance season, and dancers may bring bring friends and family to many of these events.

Back-to-Dance Sale

The Foley Academy Back-to-Dance Sale is held during the first week of classes for the new dance season (late August or early September) at the Foley Academy Studio. Items for sale include: Ghillies, boys reel shoes, hard shoes, poodle socks, shoe laces, elastics, Foley Academy t-shirts, Foley Academy sweatshirts, Foley Academy water bottles, Foley Academy costumes, electrical tape, packets of bobby pins & hair ties, etc.


Foley Academy participates in the Reston Town Center Holiday Parade, which takes place the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) and the Old Town Alexandria St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which is typically in March. All Foley Academy dancers are encouraged to participate and dance with us in the parades.


Foley Academy fosters a positive and encouraging atmosphere to help build confidence and self-assurance in every dancer.  Therefore, to help our dancers grow, Foley Academy highly encourages all dancers to participate in our Fall Mini Recital and Spring Recital.

All Foley Academy dancers are highly encouraged to participate in both Recitals. Dancers will have the opportunity to show their friends and family the movements, technique, and skills that they have learned. Participation in the recitals requires the Recreation/Performance costume or the Foley Academy Costume.

The Fall Mini Recital is typically held the weekend before Thanksgiving in November. This is a Dress Rehearsal for dancers preparing to compete at the Southern Region Oireachtas (SRO) (Regionals) and a Mini Recital for dancers who are not participating in the SRO, but would like to perform one or two routines during the show. There is no admission fee for the show.

The Spring Recital is our big show that takes place near the end of the dance season/Spring session (end of May/beginning of June). Dancers perform choreographed routines for the theme/story. There is no admission fee for the show. The recital is combined with the End-of-Year Party.

End-of-Year Party

Foley Academy hosts an End-of-Year Party at the Spring Recital to celebrate our success for the dance year. This event is open to all family and friends. Dancers are welcome to a pizza party, and refreshments and raffle prizes for families and friends are organized by Foley FRIENDS.