Foley Academy Goes Virtual!

Foley Academy officially opened its Virtual Studio on March 23, 2020! Our Virtual Studio offers live virtual classes for dancers to attend, weekly video challenges (and prizes) for all levels, weekly Irish Dance worksheets, and pre-recorded tutorial videos for dancers to review and learn movements and steps. A huge THANK YOU to the amazing technology available to our dance academy, as well as the incredible amount of hard work by Mr. Jacob to maintain the Dancer Portal and edit the pre-recorded video tutorials in an expeditious manner.

However, the biggest THANK YOU goes to all of our dancers and families! Foley Academy does not exist without its dancers and their families, and I thank you for supporting us and for encouraging your dancers to continue their dancing. During these difficult times, I hope you and your dancers can find Irish Dance to be a comfort – an activity that brings joy and excitement, as well as physical exercise. While things continue to evolve around us, it’s important to keep moving forward, keep dancing, and keep your spirits up.

Stay resilient, persevere, and do your best – that is all that matters! Remember, our studio is NOT CLOSED; the building is closed. “Dance, Dance Wherever You May Be!”