Manasseh Lodge Early St. Patrick’s Day Party & Ceili

Foley Academy had a successful first performance at the Manasseh Lodge Early St. Patrick’s Day party & Ceili. Our dance school performed as a group for the first time, and all of our dancers did a great job! The dancers demonstrated their reel steps and were able to participate in a few Ceili dances hosted by the lodge. The entire Lodge enjoyed the music, dancing, food and the good fun and laughter.  According to the organizer, “It was universally accepted that this was the best party ever given at the Lodge and certainly the first to have live music.” Because there were about 90 people in attendance, the organizer is already looking into a bigger venue for next year’s party. Foley Academy is looking forward to dancing at the 2019 Manasseh Lodge St. Patrick’s Day Party…or maybe even a half way to St. Patrick’s Day party in September!

Picture from the vent are in our gallery: Manasseh Lodge 2018 Pictures